Jill Sheets

Penguin Tracks

with host Jill Sheets
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Penguin Tracks is on every Friday from 4pm to 6pm CT. You can also catch the show on the web at www.kopn.org.

Penguin Tracks is a family friendly show that is geared toward 8 to 18 year old girls. I play music from singers and bands that are between the ages for 7 to 21. I also have local music singers on the show, which is great.

Not only do I play music on the show, I interview current musicians, actresses, actors and authors. Also touching on subject that my target listeners are currently dealing with for example: eating disorder, depression, bulling and many more.

My version is to represent the voices of girls in the community who have not been heard. Also, I want to reach out to my audience.

You can contact me at penguintracks@yahoo.com or on Penguin Tracks Facebook Fan Page. To get to the fan page just type in Penguin Tracks.

If you are interested in singing on the show contact me at jill@kopn.org

As always, thanks to my co-host Collen and our wonderful helper -- Stacey.