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Current CD Status

The CD release Concert took place on Saturday December 11th , at the Thespian Hall in Boonville , MO.

EGL Concert Photos

EGL Concert Photo Album #2

Performing Artists.

Acoustic Swell
Naked Dave Bandy
Cathy Barton & Dave Para
Bartholomew Bean
Michael Cochran
Bob Dyer
Jerry Foster
Eric Gies
Paul & Win Grace
Rick Hocks
Thom & Sarah Howard
Steve Jerrett
Rocket Kirchner
Carolyn Mathews
Steve Meyerhardt
Joey Pogue
Howard Marshall
Lee Ruth
The Hilary Scott Band
Ken Shepherd
Pete Szkolka
The T(h)oms
Chris Vallillo
Roberta Weir
Jerome Wheeler



"Everybody's Got Love: The Songs of Lee Ruth"
Disc One
Disc Two
1. Public Domain 1. Mondolina
2. Playin' It Pretty 2. Scorpio Love Song
3. Third World USA 3. And Ever Shall
4. She Wishes She Were Gone 4. You Electrify Me
5. Sometimes I Miss My Home 5. The Company of Women
6. Sneakin' Up on the Blues 6. Ramblin' Woman
7. High Winds on the Hilltop 7. Ruby Anthracite
8. Slate River Waltz 8. Arkansas Mud
9. Smiling Bob's Bossa Nova 9. My Car
10. Willow Song 10. Hitchin' Post
11. Grow Garden Grow 11. Never Did See Dallas
12. As They Lay Sleeping 12. Thief
13. For Better or Worse 13. The Birthday Party
14. Who Will She Be 14. Leo Rising
15. Persistence of Memory 15. Sweet as Spring
16. Golden Years 16. Source
17. Everybody's Got love 17. Candy from Delaware
18. Happy Hollow Song
19. Spring Winds Will Blow
20. Oh Be Joyful